Know More About Nutritious Food To Eat When Cycling

Do note that any kind of physical activity will enhance your need for nutrition. But you need to be careful here. This does not mean that you start eating anything you can lay your hands upon. You need to make careful diet changes here.

Increase Your Calorie Intake

fresh fish and seafoodSince you are exercising, you are burning more calories. Hence you need to eat more. But in case you are cycling in order to lose weight, then you must restrict the number of calories that you consume. Do note that any kind of physical exertion will make you hungrier. But you need to ensure that you check with your dietician about nutritious food to eat when cycling. In case you are eating more than what you are burning, then you would not be able to lose any weight. Also, the number of calories to consume will depend on the amount of cycling you do. This would mean the distance traveled, the time to cover that distance as well as the terrain. All this will indicate the actual exertion your body has gone through and the way you need to replenish any nutritional deficits.

Before The Cycling

In case you are cycling the next day, do not stuff yourself with a lot of food stuff the night before or just before going out for your exercise routine. Rather than giving you energy, it will only add to your digestion woes. Do note that the stomach takes around 2 hours to digest food. Hence if you are cycling on a heavy stomach, you may be having aches on the way. Besides, too much of heavy food will simply make you lethargic and tired through the way.

You need to stock up on proteins. These will give you a boost of energy to last you through your cycling ride. Hence you can consume sprouts, tofu and dairy before going out cycling. You may have lean meat such as fish and seafood, beans and pulses too. These are more filling than carbohydrates. In case you are going out on a long cycling trip, you may even carry high-energy energy protein bars with you. These will provide you with immediate energy when you need it the most.

Your diet should include a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables & fresh fish besides drinking lots of water. This is because you will be sweating more and losing vital nutrients. If you are looking for a reputable source of fresh fish and seafood, I use since they deliver to your door the best quality seafood available.

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Cycling And Its Benefits

There are a number of reasons why people are opting for cycling in a big way today. We can look at a few of these reasons here.

Get There Faster

As compared to walking, commuting by bike is much faster. Also, in case of traffic, you can reach your destination in half the time of cars. In addition, it is a very good form of exercise. Today, all are doing sedentary jobs. Hence there is a high requirement of doing some form of physical activity. This is important for keeping the body health and free from diseases. Besides, physical exercise also helps in keeping the person mentally alert as well as stress free. Hence you can be assured of physical fitness as well as emotional peace when you do cycling.

Sleep Well

People are always complaining of not being able to sleep well at night. This makes them irritable and tired during the day. Besides, it gives rise to a number of health issues such as headache, fatigue, digestion problems and so on. Riding will help you to sleep more deeply as you would have done some physical exercise and made your body tired. In addition, a good sleep makes you more cheerful and active too.

When you cycle outside you are exposed to sunlight. This helps you to get Vitamin D which is so essential for your bones and teeth. Today most people suffer from this deficiency as they are indoors all the time. In fact, even doctors today suggest that people should spend some time out in the sun in order to get sunlight.

People also need fresh air in order to feel good and remain free from diseases. Since people are staying indoors most of the time, hence they are breathing the same stale air again and again. People generally cycle during the early hours of the morning. This is when the air is at its freshest. Besides inhaling fresh oxygen, they are also exposed to the chirping of birds, inhaling of the smell of grass and flowers and the morning breeze. All this will make a person cheerful and bring about a positive change in the life of any person.

All this will manifest itself in many ways. You would be able to lead a more productive life. Your work performance will get enhanced while your attitude towards life gets more positive too!






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Know All About The Difference Between A Road Bike And Mountain Bike

There are so many different kinds of bikes today that choosing the right one can be a difficult task for you. Hence you need to know the difference between a road bike and mountain bike in order to choose one that suits you the best.

These bikes are based on the kind of biking that you wish to do. You may want to go for long-distance rides or trail riding or even for road riding or just a round around your neighborhood.

Road Bike

If you are just beginning to hit the road now, then a road bike is the best option forroad bike you. It may have drop-handlebars or be upright ones. These are meant for going out on long road trips. These have a leaning forward kind of style. They have a skinny tire and a much bigger wheel than that of a mountain bike. Thus the road bike will go much faster without much effort.

You would find these bikes in a variety of colors and styles. These are like lifestyle bikes and hence there are a lot of options here. The latest technology allows you to keep your feet flat on the ground while you are at a crossing and waiting for the light to go green.

Mountain bike

mountain bikeThis is more durable than a road bike. It can be used to ride on different types of surfaces. These include sand and dirt tracks besides brick streets. Mountain bikes do not go very fast. But these are meant for riding through difficult terrains such as jumping curbs, going off-road or even for bouncing around on roads. These are designed in a way to allow their riders to sit up straight on them. They have a wide tire base. These bikes have a smaller wheel.

Based on where you wish to go biking, you can buy a bike accordingly. It is best to ride your bike in the area for which they are designed. While a mountain bike will not take you over long distances, a road bike will not be helpful over difficult terrains. Besides, riding a wrong bike will tire you unnecessarily. Hence if you really wish to follow your passion, then ride the right bike. Choose from various designs and styles available in the market. Do note that there are new and better styles coming in all the time!

Top 5 Road Bikes 2016

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Freeview TV Aerial Installation or Freesat, whats the difference?

When it comes down to TV aerial installation there are many options to consider. Residents could choose from digital TV aerials for watching Freeview or have Sky Digital, Freesat or European satellite TV installed. Here we take a look at the benefits of each of these choices.

Freeview TV aerials

freeviewMany residents wanting installations have opted to watch digital TV with their HD TV and a Freeview box. You can either have a Freeview set top box installed or you may have one built in to your TV if it is new. Boxes range in price from the very cheap standard types to the ones that have recording facilities. When watching digital TV with Freeview you have to have a digital aerial that is capable of receiving a digital signal. Residents can choose HD, HD Plus or standard set top box installations.

When you have Freeview you can generally get around 50 channels with nothing to payout each month for a subscription. Another of the benefits is that you can also watch channels for free that are in high definition via the Plus box and your TV that is equipped with HD.

There are numerous types of aerial installation which means there is an aerial to suit the needs of all residents no matter if they reside in an area where the signal strength is poor. Residents suffering from poor picture quality due to signal strength could benefit from what is known as a high gain aerial. There are many reasons why signal strength may be poor with one of them being surrounded by tall buildings. Residents having high gain TV aerial installation often find these aerials provide them with excellent TV viewing.

Freesat Satellite Installation

Another popular option for digital television aerial install is for Freeview a satellite dish is for Freesat installation. With Freesat you watch digital TV via a satellite dish and set top box. The majority of households in London should be able to get up to 150 channels, some which are in HD. Again there is the HD, Plus and basic systems from which to choose.

Residents who choose Freesat TV aerial installation will have nothing to pay out and if they choose the Plus versions are able to record in HD and watch catch up TV with iPlayer and on demand TV.

Sky Digital & European Satellite TV

Sky Digital and European satellite TV are two more popular options for residents considering TV aerial installation. Sky Digital is subscription TV with the choice of numerous different channel packages, while European satellite TV provides many channels free of charge from around Europe and also some channels that you have to take subscription too. Sky can be taken in the forms of HD, HD Plus and standard with the benefits of residents being able to record to the built in hard drive on the Plus system. Both systems provide high definition programs to anyone with an HD TV.

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